About us

Kaltio is a northern word that stands for a bubbling clear water spring that stays open even in the cold of winter.
Kaltio was born out of desire to create more functional and more sustainable business sparkling with creativity and crystal-clear implementation.

Changes in the environment and in society call for fresh ideas and new business with creativity and sustainable thinking as basis for solutions. The humane approach needs to be complemented with nature and the climate to consider all our wellbeing and future.

Based in Northern Finland, Kaltio Creative helps businesses and organizations see the possibilities brought by change, and use them in building their brand, products, and services.

Using creative methods, art-based thinking, and strategic approach as well as combining multisectoral know-how enables building a whole new type of business. Perspectives expand when doing together. Collective thinking brings value-based options to another level compared to conventional methods. Business built on sustainability is also more profitable and speaks effectively to its audience.

Katariina Imporanta

Brand Strategist and CEO


Katariina helps you see the core of brands and concepts, and crystallize their main ideas, messages, and visions. She has extensive experience in planning and building brands, creative concepts, and marketing content, as well as strategic work and business funding applications.

In planning and strategy, Katariina’s strengths are recognizing weak signals, finding unique selling points, understanding customers, distinctive creative solutions, and producing content that speaks to the target audience. Katariina loves problem-solving and seeing good ideas develop, concepts and business take off, as well as positive funding decisions.



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