We help you find good ideas, refine them, and shape them into concepts and solutions.
Our know-how comes from using marketing, design, productization and fresh ideas in supporting sustainable growth and visibility. We won’t leave you alone with the difficult stages, the jargon or the twists and turns of application processes.

Brand strategy and marketing

A good brand combines the genuine things found at its core with meaningful messages that reach the target audience. Its essence is built interestingly, and the brand is visible in the right channels.

A successfully devised and executed brand strategy produces customer satisfaction and loyalty often sooner than expected.

Concept development

We help you refine your ideas into a concept ready to move forward. When developing an idea, we use methods of design, creative know-how and strategic thinking.

With a polished concept, you’re set to start building interesting and distinguishable visibility or to apply for funding – another thing we’re glad to help you with.

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Funding applications

The right type of funding ensures the concepts and strategies you worked hard on become more than just excitement. We help you apply for funding to make them real.

We’re familiar with funding services and their strategic guidelines, know the application lingo and help you draw up a budget as well as select the right purchased services.


Our Pouta idea workshops and think tanks are a cooperation with Kokoamo. They are a useful tool for finding new ideas, expanding understanding, and generating multisectoral vision for developing your operations.

The facilitated workshops and think tanks are driven by principles of equal dialogue and creative efforts that help analyze ideas.

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