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Regional collaboration development

During the winter of 2022-2023, together with Kokoamo and designer Maria Silvennoinen, we developed tools for businesses and stakeholders in the Pyhä-Luosto area. These tools aim to help employees settle into the area and communities, improve their daily well-being, and promote work-life balance. We also designed the… Read More

Creative North Sessions

Business Rovaniemi regularly organizes Creative North Sessions, bringing together creative professionals from the northern region. We conceptualized and produced these events in collaboration with Business Rovaniemi during the winter of 2022-2023. The goal of Creative North Sessions is to strengthen the connections between designers and creative professionals… Read More

Ranua municipal brand

Ranua renewed its municipal brand in collaboration with Flatlight Creative House in the autumn of 2022. We were involved in the development of the brand strategy. The work began in the summer of 2022 with a survey addressed to the residents of Ranua about the municipality’s brand,… Read More

Siida customer experience

Sámi Museum and Nature Centre Siida lies in Inari village in Finnish Lapland, the Sámi home region. New museum facilities and exhibition “Enâmeh láá mii párnááh – These lands are our children” opened June 1st, 2022. We held a speech and a brief workshop on developing the… Read More

Strategy for Kainuu culture

The Kainuu region cultural programme was built in autumn 2021 and published on Finnish Culture Day February 28th, 2022. We were part of a Flowhouse project as arts and culture expert, facilitator, and one of the programme authors. The programme was executed in cooperation with Kainuu arts… Read More

Salama Brewing Company

Salama Brewing Company is a craft brewery in Espoo in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The Salama beers are on a mission to conquer the world by producing happy sighs with their surprising and delicious taste, eye-catching can design, and bubbly copy. Together with Profitea and… Read More

Arctic Lines

Arctic Lines, a freeride series starring snowboarder Antti Autti, launched its quest for Northern Europe’s best riding terrain on YouTube in 2021. We helped Antti and his company Arctic Lines crystallize the series idea and apply for funding. We applied for idea support from… Read More